Data Log Module

Item No.: ST1046

  • A dedicated and well-designed data logging shield for Arduino.
  • It is easy to assemble and customize, also equipped with extensive documentation and libraries.
  • SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards. 3.3v level shifter circuitry prevents damage to your SD card
  • Real time clock (RTC) keeps the time going even when the Arduino is unplugged. The battery backup lasts for years
  • Works with Arduino UNO, Duemilanove, Diecimila, Leonardo or ADK/Mega R3 or higher. ADK/Mega R2 or lower are not supported


  • Stackable  headers
  • Reset button
  • Changeable CR1220 battery(Included)
  • 102 solder pads
  • Dimensions:43*17*9mm

Stress the SD with levels above maximum level (now about 4.3V max 3.6V) 2024-05-05 11:32:03

Wrong level translation that overstress with 5V levels the SDcard ! Wrong: Here translation made with 74HC125 that have a path (over diode) from input to VCC. Translator should be an 74AHC125 that does not have this diode (as the original made by ladyada)

Data Log Module 2021-10-20 16:14:10

Is this module working with Induino Mega 2560 (ST1026)?

The one I received today doesn't work. 2016-07-14 10:25:14

I have no idea what pin chip select (CS) is assigned to, but I've tried several to no avail.

The one I received today doesn't work. 2016-07-14 10:24:23