About OpenSmart  

      OpenSmart is a set production and development of open-source hardware technology companies. We are dedicated providing customers with quality products and technical services to customers throughout the world.We are located in Shenzhen, China, where has a strong manufacturing capability, types of electronic components to meet your needs. We hope that our services can help your business.

      One of the biggest electronic market, Huaqiang SEG & Market, chain-equipped electronics industry in China, even in the world, we attempt to integrate all the resources to render you extensive electronic components and assemblies. We can provide you a 3 d printer assembly, and a screw.

     OpenSmart is an online marketplace where you can take a stroll and find something for you: a large variety, special nature, high quality and reasonable prices.

     Our clients come from around the world, businesses, from Asia to North and South America, Europe, researchers from the personal electronics distributor enthusiasm large projects and a large foreign trade companies; from students to seniors.

     In addition, we insist on improving the ecological system, the participant of the Maker Faire, etc.

     We believe that everyone can be a maker.