Iduino Bluetooh Bee hc-05

Item No.: ME121

Bluetooth Bee Bluetooth wireless data transmission module USES the XBEE modelling design, compact size, size is compatible with the expansion of the XBEE base, suitable for all kinds of 3.3 V of the SCM system, the module can use the AT command set master-slave mode, baud rate, matching passwords, user information, such as the default baud rate: 38400, the default from the machine model, matching password 1234.
Use 3.3 V power supply module.
Don't use more than 3.3 V power supply, so may destroy module
Modify the baud rate in the module to take effect after the restart
When the bluetooth pairing user name: HC - 05 password is 1234
The default baud rate: 38400
Tie-in proposal:
Bluetooth Bee Bee Adapter, convenient link exchange data and PC
Sensor shields for Bluetooth Bee on the Arduino, convenient Arduino control Bluetooth data
Bluetooth adapter for and Bluetooth Bee and Bluetooth from equipment matching to use.
Take efficient on-board antenna, the antenna exposed launch farther improve signal quality, transparent serial port, can be used with all kinds of pairing bluetooth adapter, bluetooth mobile phone. Humanized design to facilitate the secondary development.
By testing the module can be paired with all of the bluetooth adapter on the market use (including laptops and mobile phones with bluetooth)
The bluetooth module supports master-slave machine model, the user can through the AT command set many parameters in detail. Use free from machine model is more flexible than alone, can adapt to more special needs of users. General and PC, PDA and other bluetooth devices paired with from the pattern.