IDUINO 5050 Full-color LED Module for Arduino

Item No.: ME122

Functional features
Excellent PCB design, very beautiful
8 three colors (red, green and blue) full-color LED, scanning is control mode
With digital control of the same way, a selected control corresponding to the LED light, color segment control
Through the different programs can produce different color change effect
Suitable for 51 AVR/AVR on various platforms such as/ARM/arduino
Below we by the Arduino to demonstrate to you.
Connection method
Do ~ D7 the eight feet respectively control the eight leds, so as long as the corresponding digital pins connected with the arduino is good (we just received in turn in this experiment 2 ~ 9 pin with respect to OK). Next to the other three RGB feet, needs to connect to the GND connected with R is bright red, and connected is light green, G, and B is connected to bright blue, three together are all bright at the same time, believe that everyone knows